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Websites to help you build your business.

Whether you need a brand new website built from scratch, or have an existing one that needs to be revitalized a bit, we can help. Our comprehensive web design services can help your business better engage with your customers.

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Got Website Issues ?

It's not good enough to simply have a website, it needs to work well. Websites that don't follow good design structure or content guidelines are more prone to quality issues and poor visibility, which makes them nearly useless. If you are having issues like these with your site and need improvements, we can help.

  • Poor Design
  • Outdated Layout
  • Poor UX
  • Slow Performance
  • Ranking Mistakes
  • Missing Information
  • Difficult to Update
  • Low Quality Content
  • Security Concerns
  • Compliance Issues
  • Limited Functions
  • Technical Problems
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Solutions Created Here

Every website is 100% designed by us for you. We do everything from simple brochure websites to more complex Ecommerce websites. We work with our clients in every stage from concept to launch, and beyond.

  • Custom Design
  • Wordpress Powered
  • Responsively Built
  • SEO Friendly
  • Security
  • Performance Optimizations
  • Automatic Updates
  • Support & Maintenance

If this sounds like the thing you need, then let's get started with some easy questions to get you a custom solution.

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It's a process, not a grind

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What's the Cost?

What to expect

The cost for a website design or redesign project can range greatly depending on many different factors. There are different things to consider, including the complexity, the amout of work needed, how fast it needs to be done, and if there are any specific needs that need to be addressed.

At WebInke Design, we break the cost of a project into a couple different areas.

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Website refresh and rebuild. 

This is for individuals or businesses that already have an established website, but aren’t thrilled with how it performs. If you have a website that is slow, doesn’t perform well on mobile or other smart devices, or is just a pain to update, then this could be the thing you want. We take your existing website and rebuild it into a more efficient and highly optimized version. Pricing for this starts at $3,500 and can usually be completed within 4 weeks since we are making minimal changes to your existing layout.  

Website Redesign. 

Perfect for when you have an existing website that’s been around for a while. This is typically for a very simple brochure type of website where you are advertising a service, but you don’t have any special needs or external programs that need to be integrated. We take your existing website and enhance the experience. We’ll update the design, add some modern features to help engage your customers, refine the interface and experience, and give it a performance overhaul to help it load quickly. Pricing starts at $5,000 and you can expect for this to take about 6 weeks (as long as you hold up your end). 

Website from Scratch. 

If you don’t have a website yet, or you just absolutely hate the one you have and need something fresh, we’ve got you covered. This is perfect for a brand new service or Ecommerce business. We take you the entire way from the design phase all the way to build and development and management. Your new website is built with the latest standards, using your feedback as a guide to help you get what you need for your business or vision. These projects start at $10k and can take up to 12 weeks to complete.

You can use the guides above as a ballpark price, but in order to get an accurate quote and proposal we will need to have a discovery session that lays everything out for the potential project. 

If you discover half way through that you need to make changes to how something works, you can rest easy knowing you aren’t locked in. We’ll use a change request order to make the edits, and deal with any price changes if they are applicable. If it is necessary to edit the quote amount we won’t continue until both parties agree. This helps us make sure that you don’t get hit with suprise invoices or an end amount that is different from what you’re expecting.

Once your website is done we have three (3) levels of website management that you can choose from for your ongoing monthly service. They start at $85/month and offer different levels of monthly maintenance.

If you are ready to get started just click below to start your quote.

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Frequently asked questions

  • How much does a website cost?

    There’s a lot that goes into a website, and depending on your specific needs the cost may be higher or lower than you are expecting.

    Generally speaking, for small to medium projects a website will range from $3,500 to $8,500, but can go far beyond that depending on what we need to do.

  • Do you offer any type of payment plans?

    We can discuss your specific needs, but generally speaking we offer 1, 2, 3, and 6-month plans. In certain cases we can offer a 12-month plan at a higher cost.

  • What is your hourly rate?

    As of January 1, 2023 our hourly rate is $125 per hour, billed in quarter hour increments ($31.25). This rate is applied for work update requests that are not covered in a monthly plan.

  • How long will it take to finish my website?

    In general, our website projects are typically finished between 3 to 8 weeks. A lot of that timeframe depends on the complexity of the website and the requested features, as well as the responsiveness of the client to review and feedback requests.

  • Do you build Ecommerce websites?

    Yes, we use the WooCommerce (now known simply as Woo) platform in our Ecommerce builds. It’s native to WordPress, and works great in almost any situation. Depending on your specific needs we can make a plan just for you.

  • How do I get started?

    Use our Get Started form to contact us. If the project seems like a good fit and we are confident we can handle your needs, we can schedule a call (or video chat) to get discuss your project. If you want to move forward you can do so by paying for a discovery consultation, which will give us all the details to get you a detailed quote. If you move forward the discovery fee goes against your project amount. If you don’t move forward with us we’ll give you all the documentation and you are free to take it with you elsewhere.

  • Are you available all the time?

    We are available Monday – Thursday, from 10am – 4pm, and Fridays, from 10am – 2pm. We are closed Saturday and Sunday.

    We also observe all major holidays, with some additional personal time off during the year.

    However, we pay attention to email and in the event of an emergency we always have a way to be reached.

  • Do you build websites on other platforms?

    We build all of our websites using WordPress. It’s used in over 35% of all websites on the internet, and is a practical solution for any small to medium, and some large, business.

    It’s easy to manage, and with a large consumer base it’s regarded as one of the best platforms available.

  • Will you write the content for my website?

    You are responsible for the content of your website. We recommend that you get in touch with a copywriter if you need help fleshing out your content.

    As an alternative we can help you with content and add it as an additional cost.

  • Will my website work on my phone and/or tablet?

    All of our websites are designed to work on a variety of devices, including desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and smart phones. We also test extensively in different browsers and computer operating systems to make sure we cover as many bases as possible.

  • What happens after my website is launched?

    Once your site is launched you can focus on your business and we’ll focus on keeping your website up to date and secure. Because websites and businesses are constantly evolving there are always maintenance items and updates that need to be done in the background. These plans also ensure that there is always a backup of your website in case something should happen.

  • Why should I go with WebInke Design

    We might be a bit biased, but we feel that when you hire someone to work on something as important as a website you want them to find out what you really want and work with you. We like having our clients long term, and the majority of our current clientele has been with us on average of 8 years or longer. We think that says a lot.