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Getting Results

Having a great looking website and printed assets is only part of the process when it comes to running a successful business. If you don't have customers, or any potential customers looking at you, then none of it really matters.

You need traffic coming to your website, just like stores need traffic coming through their front door. We achieve this by creating content that is focused on the things people are looking for, and making sure that it is relevant to what visitors need.

There are no tricks or shady tactics that will work to get you the results you need long term, which is why we put such a strong emphasis on having quality content and information for customers, and search engines, to find.

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Working in the Real World

Would it make a big difference in your business if you saw an increase in qualified leads, even if it was just 2 or 3 per day?

Digital marketing can range from anything like coupon banners on a website to a digital download of a PDF portfolio, and even having optimized and targeted text on your pages for visitors (this falls more under SEO, but it's still relevant). It's how you reach out to potential customers using digital mediums that make sense for your business.

Much like there are billboards on the freeway, the internet displays ads that are continuously viewed by passing visitors. The major difference is that on the internet, you can track and tailor ads for recent visitors, past visitors, and even potential future visitors. So making sure you have a plan tailored to the surfers of the internet is an absolute must.

Sales Won't Just Wander In

Marketing takes up a lot of time. There are rules to follow, there are tests to be done, and if you miss a step you can end up throwing a lot of money into a black hole. There are few things as depressing as spending a chunk of cash on advertising plans that don't pan out.

Web design should do more than look great. At a minimum it needs to:
  • Have a conversion friendly design
  • Drive sales and traffic
  • Work on multiple device types
  • Encourage opt-ins and communication

Media & Content Services

Marketing might seem like a straight forward concept, but the reality is that things have changed drastically to how they used to work. Visitors do more research than ever before when it comes to the purchase of a product or service. The best marketing efforts work with your website, making sure all the important information is available, and in a way that visitors can find and use quickly.

Design & Asset Creation

Collateral for your website, including copy, graphics, and promotional items for products and/or services.

Website Content Optimization

The requirements and expectations of visitors are constantly changing, so your content needs to stay relevant and fresh.

Social Media Marketing

By using social media to promote your website content and engage directly with visitors, you can build your audience.

Content Creation

Creating blog articles, promotions, videos, and anything else designed to draw visitors with information is essential for your business.

Lead Generation

Landing pages, email campaigns, direct mailers, and even text messaging can be used to grow your audience.

SEO & Analytics

There are a lot of technical things that can help make your website rank better, and having proper SEO set up and maintained can help.

Websites on Smartphone

Digital Marketing can work for your business

One of the biggest issues nowadays is that too many businesses end up being stuffed into a generic marketing plan that doesn't suit their needs. Google adwords might not be a good fit for someone who has a large base of followers on Facebook. Maybe direct email communications give your business that "down to earth" vibe that a lot of customers are looking for.

Long passed are the days where pages of content were all it took to win over the favor of a could be customer. People are moving quicker now, spending less and less time reading things and only looking for the highlights. That's where a digital marketing plan comes in. Snippets of information, targeted at visitors and could be customers, saying things that they understand, and that they understand quickly.

It's not a secret, when you succeed, we succeed. We have a genuine desire to help local and national businesses get to their best. We're more than a company, we're a personal resource here to help you.

Are you looking to engage visitors with more relevant content? Call us at 310-294-9962 or send us a quick message.

Get Started With Your Content Plan

Having optimized and relevant content is going to be one of the key resources at your disposal when you want to engage new customers. We can help create that for you so your customers find what they need, fast.

Frequently Asked Questions

It really depends on what you want us to do. Services can range from simple content updates to creating blog articles and social media posts. You tell us what you want, we'll tell you how to plan for it.

Everything we do as a service is month-to-month. However, with things like content management and SEO, you need to plan for the long haul. A month or two isn't going to cut it if you are serious about making any difference.

Search engines reward websites that continue to put out fresh and engaging content for visitors. On top of that, the rules are continually changing and staying on top of those changes is one of the best things you can do.

We can create most anything that you need, within reason. Social media posts, blog articles (always with approval), and site page updates are just some of the things you can have us help you with.

While the answer is always "depends", we can safely say that as long as you are actively engaged in reaching out to your audience through content updates and site optimizations, you will typically see growth over time.

A safe minimum is twice a month, but that would be the very base. Ideally you should be interacting on Social Media a couple times a week, as well as updating content based on visitor traffic, and writing blog articles. Luckily these are all things we can do so you don't have to.

Local SEO focuses on the area around you and your place of business. Depending on what you offer to your customers, it might make more sense to try and get visitors who are looking for "something near me", versus just "something". One will give very generic search results, and the other will focus it more directly to businesses near the individual that are relevant.

This is another answer that "depends". It depends on how active you are as a participant, and how much you are willing to invest for content optimizations and creation. Realistically you shouldn't expect to see anything for at least 4-6 months though, as it takes time for search engines to figure out what you are doing and there's no way to rush them.