Viva Zapata Lock & Key

Viva Zapata Lock & Key is a family owned locksmith shop located the heart of Los Angeles, CA.

Viva Zapata Lock & Key has had a very simple single page website for a number of years, and it was terribly out of date. When they decided they needed to refresh their look we started talking about what kind of features would really help their visitor experience and bring them up to speed with current web trends.

The website is fully responsive, which means that no matter what device they are viewed on, they will always be optimized. This is particularly helpful when customers are in the Los Angeles area and are looking for a local locksmith to help them. We decided that it would be good to incorporate imagery from the city, since they love Los Angeles, and the mix of rich red with dark black really worked well with their image. We also incorporated a series of slides to advertise popular products and let visitors know this shop can do most anything they need. The whole thing is powered by a CouchCMS integration, which gives them the ability to edit all of their content and images.

New business cards were designed for the staff to match the new website layout and design. They are double sided and full color, making them sophisticated and striking to view.


What We Did