Ira Barksdale

Ira Barksdale is the Senior Pastor of two Adventist churches in Southern California, one being Maranatha sda Church and the other being Miramonte sda Church.

Ira Barksdale initially came to us to create and design a logo for his church that could be used in their marketing efforts. We did the initial design, but during the process we ran into a stumbling block with it being accepted by both churches, with slight variations. One of his churches was very on board to get started, while the other wasn’t quite ready to commit, and this led us to creating a new version of the logo for his personal use. The colors and symbology used were very in line with his personal preferences and he liked the artistic representation of the 3 Angels Message (Adventist Doctrine).

After completing the logo we also created a custom business card for him to be able to share the information for both churches, without the need of carrying two separately business cards. This also allows him to keep the logo with him if he ever goes on to a different church, as it is tied to him and not the organization.



What We Did

Ira Barksdale Styled Logo Ira Barksdale Logo Detail Ira Barksdale Business CardsIra Barksdale Business Cards Stacked