Curran Electric, Inc

Ken Curran Electric is an electrical contractor for both the public and private sectors, and is located in Hesperia, CA.

Ken Curran Electric, Inc came to us in the early part of 2014 looking for information on a website redesign. They had been using the same design for many years, and had noticed a trend with contractors making comments on the dated look and feel of things.

Now, many years later we’ve rebuilt the website into the WordPress architecture, making it easy to update the website from anywhere there is internet access, and keeping it current with the ever changing internet technologies.

Part of the project with Curran Electric, Inc  was to recreate their logo in a way that would make it easier for them to use. They had been using the same logo for many years, but over time the original files had been lost, and the branding was inconsistent between the vehicles, clothes, and print materials. We went in and recreated the original logo from scratch in vector format. This allows Curran Electric, Inc to scale their logo to any size without losing quality, and they now have a universal design that can be applied to their clothes, branding materials, hats, and trucks.


What We Did

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