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Chris Murphy has been a violinist, song writer, and performer for over 25 years, with 500+ songs and multiple albums.

Chris Murphy approached us from a recommendation when he realized that he needed a new website to better reflect his music and show availability. The previous site was a couple years old and had been cobbled together over time by different people, making it slow, and sometimes hard to navigate with constantly shifting graphics and menu items. We decided to take the existing content and reformat as much as possible, and then create an entirely new design that was simple, elegant, and much easier to maintain. The primary goal was to make the music more accessible, along with finding out current and future show dates without the need to search for it on the website.

The new website was rebuilt and redesigned from the ground up within the WordPress architecture, and is designed to work on current smart phones and tablets. We remapped old URL’s to new pages, added a variety of new videos, and relinked a number of a musical albums that were previously unavailable. Since updating the site visitor traffic and engagement has risen significantly, and it has been complimented many times by colleagues and visitors alike.



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