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O! Boudoir is a side project run by Kay Jasmine Photography, with fun shoots for women.

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What We Did

When Kay decided to branch out her business to include Boudoir photography, she wanted to maintain a certain level of separation between that and her regular photography contracts. Essentially she's building two brands, so that required a new logo for marketing purposes. She wanted something classy, while maintaining the look that the Boudoir community would appreciate. 

You can see a walk-through of how we created this logo here

Kay came back to us a couple months after her logo was completed to start on a business card concept. We wanted to keep the same classic and elegant look from the logo and push it forward into the design, so it was important to utilize imagery and shapes that were appropriate for the medium, yet still very stylized and pleasant to look at.

We came up with variant images so that the business cards could be used as a form of photography marketing, showcasing pieces of her favorite sessions.

  • Graphic Design
  • Logo Design
  • Typography
  • Business Card Design


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