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Kay Jasmine Photography is a local boutique photographer in the South Bay. She focuses primarily on portrait and pet photography.

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What We Did

When Kay decided to focus on her main business, she decided that she wanted a personal touch to her website, not just a template that worked like everyone else. After talking about what she liked and didn't like, we came up with an elegant, classic theme to match her business style. In order to keep up with technology, we developed her site to be responsive to the different ways people might view it on their devices. Using advanced CSS, the site changes and reorganizes itself based on the screen size of the viewer, letting Kay manage all her content like she would normally, in one easy place.

We incorporated an admin side for Kay so that she can manage all her own galleries and the page content on each page. Along with the website content, she is able to create blog entries that automatically archive, making it easier to stay connected and manage everything from one place.

We also designed a new logo for Kay. She wanted it to still be reflective of the brand she began marketing, so the theme and colors were kept similar to keep the recognition. It's a fun and elegant logo, but also helps with her theme of being "timeless". 

One of the most important things in the logo design was to keep it personal, so after a few iterations, we decided that her signature would be the best way to go. She signed a couple of papers, sent them over and I turned it into vector artwork, so we can use it and reuse it as needed without her having to try and make an identical signature.

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James at WebInke doesn't disappoint. He listens to what my needs and concerns are for my business, takes into consideration the demographic I am trying to reach with my business, and somehow took all of my other information and was able to create not only a professional business logo and website, but something that was beautiful and artful. Something that I can't wait to show off to everybody!

Within hours of my website launch my past customers were all ready remarking on how well he used my photography to compliment my site and how much they enjoyed seeing themselves throughout my website. THIS is what a small business owner wants to hear. I love how my customers are excited about my website, about my logo, and are excited to share it with their friends and family. They drive my business, they ARE my business. And I couldn't have done it without James. Thank you, WebInke. Thank you, James. I couldn't have asked for anything better!


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