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Crossroads Kennels is a boarding and training facility located in Rialto, CA. The owners have over 30 years of combined experience, and they provide a safe environment for a variety of pets.

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What We Did

Crossroads Kennels is a boarding facility run by Cathleen and Joe, in Rialto, CA. Over the years they have become the trusted boarding facility of many people and organizations, but they never got to the point where they put together a website. After discovering that their online presence was being misrepresented, they decided it was time to invest in their online image.

We put together a simple website for the business, focusing on who they are, and what they do. Along with that we corrected the errors for their Google presence, and business has increased.

The original idea was to do a flyer, but after some discussion it was decided that a double-sided, 5x7 in. postcard would work better for what they wanted to do. It would be straight to the point with information, and it fits within postal regulations for easy mailing if they choose.

The requirements were that it had to show different breeds of dogs and they wanted it warm and inviting. After about four revisions, we came to this design which everybody was happy with.

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