Featured Project Corner: Fix Long Beach

Fix Long Beach Featured Banner

In early January we launched another website that was dedicated to helping the dog and cat communities. They aren’t exactly a rescue, but the work that they do falls into the same lines, since they are effectively helping save the at risk animal populations in Long Beach, CA, and surrounding areas. Diana and Tamara (along…

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Featured Project Corner: K911 ResQ

K911 ResQ Featured

We were recently contracted to help a local rescue group redesign and develop their website. K911 ResQ is an animal rescue group located in Torrance, California. Their mission is to save as many special needs, senior, homeless, and stray dogs as possible – because everyone deserves a wonderful FUR-EVER home! Of course, K911 ResQ doesn’t…

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One Internet Explorer to Rule Them All

Internet Explorer Featured

If you haven’t heard by now, you might want to pay attention. Microsoft has been working up to this point for a couple months now, and today is the day that they pull the plug on versions of Internet Explorer 8 – 10. Now don’t freak out…yet. If you are using one of those versions…

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Mobile-geddon Has Come (Or Something)

Mobilegeddon Featured

Okay, so maybe it’s not as scary as it sounds. No computers are going to blow up, humanity isn’t enslaved, and most likely you got to work without major issues. But the more realistic truth is that something major has indeed happened in the internet world, and it most likely affects you and your business,…

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