What To Do When You Go Over or Misjudge the Budget

Misjudget Budget Featured

You knew it was only a matter of time before it happened. You had been careful, trying to make sure you covered all your bases, all possibilities, but somehow, you still ended up short. Now you’re faced with the decision on how to recover from the mess with as little complication as possible. Don’t worry,…

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Browser Compatibility and What It Means

Browser Compatibility Featured

From a viewer’s perspective, websites probably appear to be a pretty simple construction. Some images, some text, a domain name and bam, you have a functional web presence. In this day and age of technology, just about everybody has one, and they are pretty easy to get. Anybody could do it, right? The reality is…

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Featured Project Corner: K911 ResQ

K911 ResQ Featured

We were recently contracted to help a local rescue group redesign and develop their website. K911 ResQ is an animal rescue group located in Torrance, California. Their mission is to save as many special needs, senior, homeless, and stray dogs as possible – because everyone deserves a wonderful FUR-EVER home! Of course, K911 ResQ doesn’t…

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Do You Really Need a Contract?

Contract Featured

If you’ve done any kind of freelance work, you probably know why you need a contract. If you aren’t using a contract currently, you need to get into the habit of having them, all the time. It’s safe to assume that probably 90% of the time, you’d actually be fine without one, but you never…

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Website Woes? 5 Tips To Get You Through It

Website Woes Banner

Have you ever found yourself wondering what your next step should be in business? You’re doing okay, but could be doing better. Your website is on the web, but it hardly brings anything in, so it feels like a waste of effort and money, and you constantly wonder where the next big thing is going…

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8 Simple Ways to Deal With Burnout

Dealing with Burnout

If you’ve worked any job for any length of time, you know what this is about. Even if you love what you do (like me), you’re probably going to hit this sooner or later. And the chances are you’ll hit it sooner the harder you try to get ahead. The idea of someone being able…

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Logo Study: Kay Jasmine Photography

Logo Study: Kay Jasmine Photography

Shortly after we launched the new website for Kay Jasmine Photography, she decided that she wanted her logo to be a bit more personal. The most recent version was using a fancy typeface, which worked for a while, but wasn’t unique enough. One of the major problems with using pre-packaged typefaces is that when and…

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The “Earning” Business Ideology

Earning Business Featured

If you’ve done business with a person, or at least made an attempt to do business with a person, then you most likely know what it means to try and “earn business” with them. It’s the inevitable set of hoops that you find yourself navigating, in hopes that once you’ve proven yourself at the end…

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Website Security and the World of Google

Website Security Featured

You might assume that because you have a well built website that everything is secure and you don’t have anything to worry about. The truth however, is that the reality could be very different. And it could be costing you money. The internet is a continuously growing and changing entity, which means that if you…

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One Internet Explorer to Rule Them All

Internet Explorer Featured

If you haven’t heard by now, you might want to pay attention. Microsoft has been working up to this point for a couple months now, and today is the day that they pull the plug on versions of Internet Explorer 8 – 10. Now don’t freak out…yet. If you are using one of those versions…

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