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By James Rogers • Mar 15th, 2017

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We were contacted by a local business here in the South Bay recently, and they wanted to talk about a new logo for a new business. They had found us because we were local (we love helping our local businesses after all!) and wanted to have a sit down for some options. They had some ideas, but needed help getting to the end result.

Andrew, the owner, really wanted to focus on the fact that they were a South Bay resident business, which bring to mind beaches, trees, and sunsets. This includes the usual color pattern you would associate with those images. The challenge was going to be tying this theme into their business, which is construction, masonry, and paving for driveways, walk ways, and swimming pools. 

We started off with some general concepts, to get a feel for the direction of design they wanted to go, and to get ideas for the types of images they responded to. 

South Bay Hardscapes Logo Concepts

After we got through some initial concepts, it was decided that the logo needed to be more graphic in nature, and not rely on the letters of the business to push it through. They decided that they liked the concept of the bottom middle (#4), and so we decided to take that concept a bit further. They really liked the idea of stonework supporting the beach scene of waves and a sunset.

South Bay Hardscapes Concepts Version 2After more reflection on the new variations, it was decided that the bottom left (#4) was the direction they wanted to go. It had a nice balance of stones and beach that they liked, so they next step was to take it digital and introduce some color schemes. We wanted to match the stonework to typical beach colors and values.

South Bay Hardscapes Logo Color Samples

We tried a numbr of variations for the digital version, giving them options of enclosed or open designs, bold lines or not. We ended up going with a fully enclosed oval and full color elements. After the desired logo was picked it was time to take it to a much cleaner and tight design. This is where we recreated the final logo in vector format. We used bold lines to separate the elements as well as color gradients. This really helped to bring the colors out as well as give the impression of an emblem design.

We also made some variations on the approved final design. We gave them some typography options, as well as detail changes to things like the outside border and the waves.

South Bay Hardscapes ComparisonSouth Bay Hardscapes VariationsWhen we were finally done with all of the changes, they had one final edit. They decided they wanted to remove the sunset and focus on just the beach with stonework. Luckily that kind of change is pretty easy if you create your vector files correctly. With that change, the design was finished and they were extremely pleased with the final result.

South Bay Hardscapes Pre FinalSouth Bay Hardscapes Final


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