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Affiliate Program

Want to Earn Money? It's Free.

The WebInke Design Studio Affiliate program allows you to earn commissions from qualifying projects when your referral signs a contract and pays a deposit. Becoming an Affiliate Member is easy, and best of all, it's free.

This sounds too easy

It is easy, that's the whole point. Instead of using bloated tracking software, this process relies on word of mouth (or emails, texts, etc). When you talk to someone to refer them, you'll give them your unique ID number, which they will have to pass onto me (you can always double check with me though, in case they forget). Once the referral signs a contract and pays the down payment, I will send you your money. I will write you a check, no "you've earned credit with me, hurr hurr". You won't even need to wait for the project to finish! Best of all, there's no limit to how many referrals you can send.

Rewards Breakdown

Basically, the more your referral spends, the more you can earn in rewards. Any contract under $5000 is rewarded between 2% - 5% (ie, if they spend $5,000 you would get around $250 in money, from me!). Anything above $5000 would be rewarded between 6% - 10%

How do I sign up?

Just use the form below to get started. Once submitted, I'll send you your unique Affiliate ID number.

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